You'll have a hard time avoiding it in 2022; the rustic style of design, also known as New Rustic, is on the rise. Perhaps as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is fleeing to the countryside in an attempt to rekindle their lives. The décor, which is neo-rustic in style, is no exception to the rule. This may be described as a blend of sophisticated and cosy country design that preserves the raw nature and authenticity of a timeless location. A short rundown of all the components required to adopt it. Let's get into it!

The rustic style is influenced by rural house décor. It recreates the ambience of the countryside and its tranquillity with its light areas and warm and cosy environment. The New Rustic is a real return to beginnings, with raw materials and earthy tones taking centre stage. Do you want to learn more?

What exactly is the Neo-Rustic Style?

The neo-rustic style is defined by the presence of an antique primary feature, such as a raw wood coffee table, an antique sideboard, or an antique wardrobe, ideally in light hues. Sober lines and raw wood that reveals veins and roughness are preferred. Many firms provide new furniture in an old look if you're out of ideas. You must include a touch of modernism into the neo-rustic aesthetic. Don't be afraid to incorporate contemporary materials like steel or glass for this.

Combining metal chairs with an antique raw wooden table, for example, is highly stylish in a modern dining area. It will, indeed, provide a pleasing contrast. It's up to you to amplify it by blending neutral coloured walls, such as off-white, with bolder tones, such as vivid red. Similarly, why not choose carpets with large stripes or geometric-shaped cushions? Do you have a better understanding of it now? How to adopt the rustic style of decoration?

How to decorate in a Neo-Rustic style?

As you may have guessed, the goal of neo-rustic décor is to bring the old and contemporary together as seamlessly as possible. As a result, natural materials must be promoted. Thus, you can't live without wood on the floor or on your furniture. The stone is the same way when it comes to the rustic nostalgia of yesteryear. Metal and glass are, of course, the fundamentals of the 2000s in terms of neo-chic. The resilience to the passage of time is something that all of these high-quality materials have in common.

What about lighting in a rustic-style room?

Light is such an important aspect of the rustic design and thick materials or drapes on the windows should be avoided. Lace or lightweight fabrics help to let the light in. Iron fixtures and metal chandeliers are always a good choice for illumination. Choose an oil lamp on a small modern office table, for example, to emphasize the lines even more.

A carpet and a fake fur blanket in the living room will add to the warm and inviting mood. Unconditional invitation to relax! Accessories like wrought iron towel racks in the bathroom will complete the rustic look. Let's continue with the kitchen, which may be the house's most neo-rustic space. Dishes, cutlery, and even ceramics can be hung on the wall here. Old metal cookie tins are still popular, as you may know. Are you enticed?

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