Peter John

The beginning of a New Year can be an ideal time for a fresh start and also an ideal time to change the decor of your home or office. So, if you are thinking of doing this and need some ideas, please contact me via this website. I cover a 100 mile radius of Letchworth. Maintenance and Insurance Work, also catered for. If you are looking to emulsion your walls and need to strip old wallpaper, you can use a variety of methods. The cheapest method is to lightlyscore the old wallpaper with a wallpaper scraper and them heavily dampen the paper with a wet sponge.

It should then be easier to strip the old wallpaper off the wall. This can be a more time consuming method, then using a steam wallpaper stripping device. However, this is dependant on how many layers of paper you need to strip off, and what the condition of the walls are like underneath, and also the strength of the wallpaper glue originally used. As previously mentioned, you can use a steam based, wallpaper stripping device.