Norwich Painter

We are cooperative of sole traders in Norwich that is unique by its nature. We make sacrifices within our cooperative for one simple reason: help other people. We have founded Norwich Painter to help others whether we are talking about service for our customers or providing people with work. There is a strong social aspect behind our business that focuses on providing people with work and trade and on eliminating risk of falling into a poverty.

Our service is clean and professional. Our team is well mannered and respectful of peoples homes. We do simple and complex projects such as: Exterior and Interior House Painting and Decorating, Carpentry Projects, Repairs and House Renovation. We do fiddly bits too! Most importantly, we help our customers and our cooperative members by doing what we do.

Each of co-operative has a chance to learn new skills and trade, earn money and take part in our “Own a share” programme which is securing the financial future of the cooperative. We think that education is the key to success thus we offer free courses on financial education that will help our members to manage finances and reduce the risk of poverty.

Our company is built by its members thus it provides strong and reliable foundation for any investor to come aboard. With our 10 year plan we have bright future ahead of us.