Emma Jane Interiors

Emma Jane Interiors Hampshire create sumptuous, inspiring interiors for the most discerning clients. With signature styles of Chic French, Traditional English and Vintage flavours, these are all visually engaging mixes of colour and texture.

With a masterful display of an art of combination, a thoughtful, collected vibe springs from a peaceful co-existence of seemingly unrelated elements. An eye-catching interplay of sun washed fabrics, distressed finishes and delicate patterns add an element of surprise to any room.

Emma Jane's deputation is to create a lifestyle for you of beautiful, comfortable surroundings, to be lived in and enjoyed. Choosing colour schemes and lighting. Sourcing fabrics & materials for curtains, chairs and sofas. Wallpaper, floor coverings and paint. Bathrooms and bathroom tiles, kitchens and kitchen tiles, furniture and soft furnishings.